Optimod 8500fm PC Remote

Optimod 8500fm PC Remote 2.0

It is designed to remote control 8500 OPTIMOD-FM Audio Processor devices
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Optimod 8500fm PC Remote is designed to control 8500 OPTIMOD-FM Audio Processor devices.
Orban’s all-digital 8500 OPTIMOD-FM Audio Processor can help you achieve the highest audio quality in FM stereo broadcasting. Because all processing is performed by high-speed mathematical calculations within Motorola DSP56367 24-bit digital signal processing chips, the processing has cleanliness, quality, and stability over time and temperature that is unmatched by analog processors.

OPTIMOD-FM 8500 is descended from the industry-standard OPTIMOD-FM audio processors. Thousands of these processors are on the air all over the world. They have proven that the “OPTIMOD sound” attracts and keeps an audience even in the most competitive commercial environment.

Because OPTIMOD-FM incorporates several audio processing innovations exclusive to Orban products, you should not assume that it can be operated in the same way as less sophisticated processors. If you do, you may get disappointing results.

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